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Reinier Minny

B (T&RP), M Phil. (Housing Development and Management) 

Pr. Pln. A/2415/2016

Position:  Managing Executive Cadre Group



Local government expertise:

  • Integrated Development Planning (IDP)

  • Performance Management Systems (PMS)

  • Policies and bylaws

  • Organisational alignment to IDP and Budget

  • Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF)

  • Land use management systems (LUMS)

  • Local economic development

Property development expertise:

  • Property development facilitation and management

  • Project management of development projects

  • Management of town planning applications

  • Housing: project and delivery management

  • Urban design approaches

Mobile Phone: +27 (0) 81 265 0800 

After three years in national government, Reinier started a town planning firm, specialising in strategic planning and affordable housing. His 26-year career also includes being an acting municipal manager in a district and local municipality. After specialising in corporate governance, project management and strategic planning in South African Local Government, he expanded his horizon, practising strategic planning and project management at the Australian State Government. His consultancy services as a town planning and project management expert are currently used by local government and property developers.

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