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Third Professional Planner Registration in the last year – Congratulations to Storm Vezasie!


We started 2024 with a bang! Cadre Plan is fast becoming a major team of professional town planners. Well done and congratulations to Storm Vezasie, who successfully attained his SACPLAN professional planner registration status! Mr. Vezasie is particularly interested in local and regional economic development and development policy, intending to become a specialist in economic development. His urban planning experience has spanned the African continent with work in Guinea and a variety of local municipalities in South Africa. With a genuine love for people, Storm aims to make a positive impact in South African town planning. 

Attaining one's professional town planner status is no easy feat. It takes many gruelling months of hard work, consistency and patience. We're excited to see Storm consistently provide insights and advice that assist our team in making informed spatial recommendations, ensuring our planning efforts are exceptional and professional.

Storm_formal grey backdrop-2.jpg
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Cadre Plan duo, Annemarie Loots and Storm Vezasie present at the Green Building Convention 2023!


Cadre Plan's Associate Spatial Planner and Urban Designer Annemarie Loots and resident Junior Planner, Storm Vezasie will present at this year's Green Building Convention 2023 in Cape Town. Annemarie will address the Ilisolethu Gateway Node project's spatial planning and urban design node.

Storm will give valuable insight into the Ilisolethu Gateway Node project geared to transform Thembalethu in George, Western Cape. He will speak on the project's themes - Investment Plan and Area Management Strategy. Some of the Ilisolethu Project's goals are sustainable growth and fostering social, economic, and environmental well-being.

Space matters! It shapes our lives and the environment. At Cadre Plan, we're reimagining space to breathe life into towns and places, redefining and enhancing the built environment. Tackling town planning issues in South African informal areas head-on is always challenging but incredibly exciting!

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This session invites the audience to explore how we can formalise around informality, rather than attempting to formalise it, recognising that informality is an inherent and often defining characteristic of South African townships. By embracing the reality of informality and integrating it into urban design, we can enhance the quality of life and sustain livelihoods within these communities, preserving their unique identities in the process.

Another member of Cadre Plan proudly receives their Professional Planner Registration – Congratulations to Ayrrion Appels!


The Cadre Plan team is seeing many of our candidate town planners fast becoming professionals in the industry this year. We want to congratulate Ayrrion Appels, who attained his SACPLAN professional planner registration status this month! Ayrrion has worked hard at achieving the requisite fulfilment for registration as a professional and has shown great dedication in his two years of candidacy. 

It takes plenty of long hours, commitment, constant learning, and a genuine love for town planning to obtain one's professional planner status. We look forward to continuously seeing Ayrrion aim to provide insights that allow our team to make better-informed spatial recommendations, ensuring that our planning efforts are grounded in accurate information. 

Ayrrion 2023 bw.heic
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Congratulations to Tshepo Tsotetsi on receiving his Professional Planner Registration!

JULY 2023

Huge congratulations go out to Tshepo Tsotetsi on achieving his SACPLAN professional planner registration status! This is an incredible accomplishment that reflects his hard work, dedication, and expertise in the field of town planning. Tshepo's commitment to excellence has paid off, and the team at Cadre is immensely proud of his professional milestone.

Earning a SACPLAN professional planner status is not an easy feat. It requires a great deal of hard work, effort, continuous learning, and a passion for the profession of town and regional planning. Tshepo's expertise is highly valued and he will continue to have a meaningful impact in the industry and throughout South Africa. 

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