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Governance & Policy


Cadre Plan focuses on the core components of the Municipal Systems Act, Municipal Structures Act and on the supporting elements of the Municipal Finance Management Act.


The associates also specialise in land use management and the elements required by the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA)providing services to government and the private sector

Integrated Development Plan (IDP)


Providing legally sound council items and newspaper advertisements for and on behalf, -of the municipality. The following components can be delivered:


IDP Process Plan
The legal compliance requirements of the IDP process document are well understood and the legislative requirements and powers and functions of the municipality set the framework for the required work. 

The Spatial Development Framework of the municipality plays an important role in giving direction to planning and if this component is outdated the IDP process plan needs to specify the required inputs in terms of spatial planning.


Analysis documents consisting of socio-demographic and geo-economic data for the municipality are complemented by a needs and issues analysis of the community. Community facilitation is more often dealt with by the municipality and minutes of the meetings can be used to ensure that documentation is appropriately packaged and that issues are adequately articulated and described to the client’s satisfaction.


Vision, Objectives and Strategies
The IDP Vision is formulated according to well-researched strategic planning principles. Objectives and strategies are set in the context of the analysis document.


Programs and Projects
Formulation of projects and programmes are completed that can be used as a reference for the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP), and provide an introduction to bid specifications.


Ensuring that various internal and external departments, municipalities and agencies’ programmes are coordinated in the implementation process.


Approval Processes
Ensuring that the municipality follows correct processes for ‘buy-in’ and approval of the IDP.


Setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time-bound (SMART) indicators and targets in a plan linked to the IDP and Budget.


Engaging managers to ensure that the targets are aligned with SMART. It is very important not to take ‘a plan from the shelf’, but to ensure that the plan is a living document that speaks to the operations of the municipality.


Setting up the entire system from PMS policy to Section 56 managers’ performance contracts and line managers’ work plans. An automated system is an option, but a basic system that uses Microsoft Word and Excel can also be used. The system needs to be integrated with the SDBIP.


Ensuring easy reporting mechanisms and compliance in terms of drafted items for quarterly reports and mid-term strategic assessment.


Making use of the quarterly and mid-term reports as well as the portfolio of evidence an annual performance report and subsequent annual report can be drafted in a reader-friendly manner. The municipality can be assisted with its engagement with the Auditor-General.


All policies and bylaws can be drafted and relevant participation processes, legal advertisements and pro-active communication can be facilitated on behalf of the municipality.


The organizational structure will be drafted in the context of the powers and functions of the municipality. The structure proposed will prioritise the plans of the municipality, but also take cognisance of the available budget. The majority of municipal structures neglect the functions of maintenance and this aspect receives specific attention in our approach.


Business processes and standardized operating procedures assist workflow. It is important to adopt a relevant delegation of authority document and that the document is understood by officials.


Experts are used to draft bid specifications in a succinct and precise manner which ensure a fair tender process that delivers intended goods and services, rather than over-priced or under-quality services and products often experienced by government institutions.


SPLUMA and the Municipal Systems Act require spatial development frameworks. As town and regional planners we understand the principles underlying spatial planning and developing frameworks.


We can assist to re-orientate the current zoning system to comply with SPLUMA. We ensure that a geographic information system is relevant and user-friendly for municipal business processes and work with experts in this field.


We are connected to a wide range of investors and property developers and can assist in the institutional arrangements of structuring public private partnerships within the legislated framework.

Governance & Policy Projects

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