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Property Development Services


Our core business is property identification, viability and feasibility studies with appropriate market research and calculation of expected return on investment (ROI). We can also assist with structuring of appropriate contracts for joint venture developments.

Target Market Area Delineation

Trip modelling software to determine the size of the potential market/client base of the proposed development.

Socio-Economic Analysis

Detailed analysis of the demographical compilation of the target market area e.g. number of people, households, education levels, age distribution, employment levels, income, expenditures etc.

High-Level Development Feasibility Analysis

  • Collaborate with other professionals such as quantity surveyors and architects.

  • High-level calculations of CAPEX and potential operational expenses.

  • Determine the financial capability of the target market to support the proposed development.

  • Take cognisance of current market supply, demand and competitors.

  • Advise on market potential of proposed developments.

Market Demand Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of target market income and expenditure patterns.

  • Identifying consumer expenditure on proposed product or service delivery.

  • Conversion of consumer expenditure to square meterage.

  • Provide guidance regarding the optimal viable size of the proposed development or business premises.

Bankable Business Plans

Clear and structured documentation of all the above information, empowering the developer/land owner to engage with any financial institution or investor.

We are experienced project managers using Prince2 and PMBOK principles and can manage projects in various levels of detail. We use tools such as MS Project when required.

We understand land use management systems of local government and will deal with the application process to ensure that appropriate land use rights are acquired. Our well-experienced, dedicated team will ensure that the best suitable and feasible application will be lodged and streamlined. 

We are experienced in affordable housing and can perform various functions to deliver an appropriate scheme. Please feel free to discuss the range of services offered.

We have experienced urban design associates on the team and will be keen to make urban design and placemaking proposals that create a fitting environment for the intended architecture.

Cadre also conduct seminars where we provide more information on the above and to equip especially estate agents in terms of the information required to efficiently investigate a site. We also provide guidance on how to market a site to developers or investors and the structuring of the contract/deal.

Property Development Projects

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