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About the Cadre Group

The Cadre Group is a leading professional company that provides turn-key planning and project management services to both public and private sector clients. We combine the experience, energy and commitment of professionals across a wide range of skills and disciplines to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service.

The company has a strong track record of delivery on strategic projects and extensive experience of working with partners in all three spheres of governance, with government agencies and with top companies in the private sector.

It mobilises the experience of senior planners, a world-renowned legal scholar, architects, business development experts into a team which can meet the requirements of clients in the strategic planning, urban management and integrated development environments.


The Cadre Group consist of Cadre Plan (Pty) Ltd, Cadre Connect (Pty) Ltd, Urban Innovate CC and Cadre Econ. The executive of the group consists of directors and managing executives Reinier Minny, Mpumi Ramatsoga, Christine Meintjes and Annette Engelbrecht.

Its range of capabilities and services include:

  • Project and programme management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Metropolitan Planning

  • Land use management

  • Precinct planning and design

  • Property economics and valuations

  • Socio-economic studies

  • Integrated development planning

  • Environmental planning

  • Development facilitation

  • Human settlements

  • Strategic communication and corporate publications

Selected satisfied clients

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Cadre's promotion of the government's portal on COVID-19 

To access the government Covid-19 website please click here.

As stipulated in the Government Gazette of South Africa, number 43164, paragraph 5.1.4, "All Internet sites operating within .zaDNA top level domain name must have a landing page with a visible link to", Cadre hereby complies with the regulations issued and provides the relevant link below. 

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