Riana de Wet


Position: Associate: Regional Planning



Integrated Development Plans (IDP)

Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF)

Land Use Management Systems  (LUMS)

Service Delivery, Budget and Implementation Plans (SDBIP)

Informal Settlement Formalisation and Upgrading (ISFU)

Development Strategy Formulation (DSF)

Policy and By-law Formulation (PBF)

Township Layout and Development (TLD)

Mobile Phone: +27 81 265 0800

E-mail: riana@cadreplan.co.za

Riana de Wet is a qualified town and regional planner with 25 years of professional experience and academic qualifications in town and regional planning and the social sciences.

She has extensive experience in the formulation of Integrated Development Plans, Spatial Development Frameworks and Land Use Management Systems at particularly Regional Level – focusing on providing innovative solutions that aims to socio-economically uplift communities of usually underdeveloped rural areas and lower tier towns/villages - through providing innovative: settlement-making and regeneration solutions; connectivity solutions; and

identification and mobilisation of strategies that will unlock and incorporate inherent local potential, opportunities and resources. 

Her skills were honed through various assignments conducted within the southern-African region, where she worked closely within multi-disciplinary teams – thus enabling her to have a comprehensive analysis based on which sustainable and viable solutions can be formulated. She is an excellent facilitator who is comfortable in  preparing material and presenting both at community and corporate level alike.