Cadre Plan Associate - Jacques van der Merwe Photo

Kundani Makakavhule

Bsc. Hons (Social Studies) M(T&RP) B(Social Studies) 

Position: Senior Consultant: Urban Planner



Urban spaces (precinct plans and public open spaces)

Economic development & Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Community development and facilitation

Spatial Planning, Zoning, Subdivision & Consolidation

Sustainable Settlement Planning

Metropolitan and urban-area based interventions

Policy Development and Analysis

Mobile Phone: +27 081 265 0800


Kundani Makakavhule has recently completed her Master’s degree in Town and Regional planning at the University of Pretoria, South Africa and is currently commencing her Ph.D. studies at the same institution. She is registered with The South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN) as a Candidate Planner. Kundani has a broad perspective of the built environment, socio impact assessments, human settlements and community development since she holds an Honours degree in Development Studies. This gives her in-depth understanding of what development entails. This includes the development of an economic, infrastructural and/or societal nature and the impacts thereof.


Her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in conjunction with the above-mentioned qualifications equips her with the extensive knowledge of societies, their social, political and economic structures and ultimately how these structures govern communities. Given her background and exposure to different disciplines as mentioned above, she is able to make links between her training in a way that brings forth a well-rounded approach to community development and town planning, its regulatory policies and structures.