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Karen Minny

B (T&RP)

Position: Freelance Consultant: Property Development Facilitation



  • Land use recommendations and co-ordination of property development projects

  • Undertaking of viability studies and due-diligence investigations

  • Town planning legislation, policies, and administrative procedures

  • Project Management 

  • Knowledge of civil engineering practices and environmental planning principles

Mobile Phone: +27 81 265 0800


Karen holds a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Town & Regional Planning and has over twenty years of experience in statutory planning, strategic planning, property development, environmental planning and project management. Karen attained extensive experience within South Africa and Western Australia (Perth).
Her current role is to lead the Cadre team concerning all aspects of property development. The approach is to assist landowners with preliminary feasibility studies and projected profitability before the commencement of land development applications.

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