Cadre Partners


Dané Botha


Pr. Pln. A/2788/2019

Position:  Associate: Land use management



Land use management

Statutory planning projects

Implementation of spatial principles

Site acquisitioning and infrastructure planning

Mobile Phone: +27 81 265 0800 / 012 460 0670


Dané joined Urban Innovate Consulting CC – a town planning firm that specialises in statutory processes involved in acquiring land use rights – as a junior town planner in 2016 and has since become the managing senior planner in the company. She has successfully managed Urban Innovate Consulting CC and its operations for more than a year during which time, growth was indicated, and milestones were achieved. In 2019, Urban Innovate Consulting CC became part of the Cadre Group, where Dané is now an associate town planner.


Dané possesses excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skills, the ability to influence decisions and to develop positive internal and external relationships.