Alwyn Esterhuizen

Bsc Hons(Geoinformatics) 


Position: Consultant



Project management

Transport planning and development

Spatially enriched alpha-numeric databases

Custom-designed geospatial applications

Development and deployment of spatially enabled web-based applications

ESRI ArcGIS Server



Team leadership

Strategic planning, translation and deployment

Process Improvement Andre-engineering

Stakeholder relationship management

Mobile Phone: +27 81 265 0800


Alwyn Esterhuizen, a professional GIS Specialist, completed his Bsc. (Hons) degree in Geo-Informatics at the University of Pretoria in 2002. He offers considerable experience in the field of Geo-Informatics and its application in transport planning and development. He has applied his practical knowledge and thorough technical understanding of spatially enriched alpha-numeric databases to create custom-designed geo-spatial applications and in the development and deployment of spatially-enabled web-based applications for a wide range of clientele within the broader strategic and operational objectives of their operations.


His project management skills has led him to become known as “the go to person” to implement difficult projects in high pressure contexts, with excellent success in fast paced rapidly transitioning environments. His knowledge and expertise has been successfully used by clients such as the South African Departments of Transport, Tourism and Arts and Culture as well as the Gauteng and Free State Provincial Departments of Transport.

Alwyn is highly experienced and provides tailor-made creative solutions for each project.

Cadre Plan also collaborates with strategic partners Total Geo-Spatial Solutions and MandalaGIS on various projects.